About iTech Racing


About i- tech racing

Myself (Chaz Ryles), has been addicted to motorsport and engine tuning since a young age of 15. I had a Vespa in the garden shed, that I discovered ran much quicker on nail varnish remover! Sorry mum...

Approximately 12 years ago myself and friend Mark Funnell bought a road going kit car (Fisher Fury) with a 1600cc Ford Crossflow engine. Although it was relatively quick we were always searching for more power.

A Kawasaki ZX 12 motorbike engine fell into our hands and before long ended up in the front end of the Fury. Bespoke prop shaft installed and off we went! For the remainder of the year we attended airfield track days with Motorsport Events, only ever being overtaken once by a 450BHP Porsche... Not bad for a garage conversion.

From this moment on I was totally blown away by the noise and power of bike engines. I soon released that I could offer this service and experience to other people.

Since those early days, I have tuned and raced bike engined cars across the country.

i-tech racing started in November 2011, and since have been heavily involved in running and race MG ZR's in the Castle Combe Saloon Car Championship 2012. Both cars have been fully re-built and race prepared for hire and competition.

We were ecstatic to win FIRST IN CLASS this season of 2012.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank many people who have helped me on the way, including:

  • Firstly and most importantly, my long suffering wife, Kate
  • Dell at DJ Race Cars
  • Karl at Extreme Engines
  • Steve at Merlin Motorsport
  • James at P.J.Motor Services
  • James, Matt and Matteo, my no' 1 mechanics
  • Steve Groves, my best bud, whose has helped out no end

I-tech Racing