Chassis alterations and development

Chassis Set-up Wiltshire

Have you ever wanted to upgrade your suspension to withstand track or fast road conditions? Want to adjust your ride height or even corner weight your vehicle to get the balance perfect? Well now you can...

Whether you own a brand new Lotus Elise or older TVR, we can advise you and undertake any improvements you would like. We aim to improve many characteristics such as balance, core strength and elaborate on past designs.

Here at i-tech we can use our expert knowledge to enable your race, track or fast road vehicle to perform at its optimum best.

i-tech racing are able to provide you a service covering many aspects of chassis set up.

  • Corner weighting (manual + electronic)
  • Camber adjustments
  • Castor adjustments
  • Adjustable top-mount installations
  • Upper and lower strut brace installations
  • Toe in/out (tracking)
  • Wishbone modifications
  • Coil over and mono tube suspension installations.
  • Damper Rebuilds

With the equipment we own, we are able to provide you the option of coming to you and your vehicle to provide you with the set-up which you require.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone to arrange a time which suits you.

Chassis Set-up Wiltshire